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ChromeOS Linux Software

ChromeOS's ability to run Linux applications opens the door to being able to run thousands of free and commerical desktop applications. This section of the ChromeOS.Guide is designed to provide instrctions to install and use some of the most popular Linux applications on your ChromeOS device. This section of the guide assumes that you have activated the ChromeOS Linux environment and have completed the initial setup.

Linux Alternatives to Commerical/Third-Party Software

Developers of many commercial/third-party applications are beginning to embrace the possibility to run their applications on Linux however there are several companies who have refused to port their software to Linux. Additionally some developers have also refused to support ARM64 based ports of their software. This section will provide a list of alternatives to several popular applications that will work on ChromeOS. Although a growing number of software vendors now offer Cloud Based solutions, there are several benefits to using a local application such as offline support and greater privacy.

Software Name Alternative
Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Maya/ZBrush Blender
Microsoft Office LibreOffice
Microsoft Visual Studio Visual Studio Code